Well friends, the time has come . The final curtain-call is here and tonight, Saturday, February 24, 2018, we present our last meal, glass of wine, beer, dessert, et al.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our 5 year run and thank YOU for being part of it and making it happen. Our final image of a stage curtain before we close. Thank you, everybody!

Let’s keep this brief: The biggest thanks of all to you, our customers. We don’t need to go into detail and nothing remains to be said, except, “Without you we wouldn’t have come this far. Thank you, Thank you, Thank-you! From the bottom of our hearts!”

Staff: Amazing. Dedicated. Hard Working. Loyal. The Best. To each and every one of you, thank you for your service and all the best going forward. You will, based on your reputation here at The Reluctant Chef, have no problem finding your niche and bringing another establishment to the great level that you’ve made this one.

Our Suppliers: You have been great. It made our place one of the best. The unique, local flavour that you brought to our table gave us a reputation as one of the best. And it was backed up with top-notch online reviews and awards through the years.

As we said, let’s keep this brief…feel free to sing with us.

The best to you all…always,

The Reluctant Chef