Hi Everybody, Greetings from The Reluctant Chef! Another year almost gone and the new one coming within weeks. WOW! It’s amazing how milestones and markers put all things in life into perspective. As we go about our busy schedule during the lead-up to Christmas and New Year’s, take a moment to reflect and think about those that need an extra dime just to make ends meet. Don’t forget to drop a Toonie or two in the hat once or twice along the way to 2018.This is an animated gif image that I found on the internet. It is a peaceful winter scene in what could be anyone's home town. There is snow falling in the late afternoon. The view is from outside with the soft amber lights on in the church, as people on the front step are entering. Thank you author.

During the weeks ahead a few special Christmas entries will appear in our blog: What’s going on at The Reluctant Chef, complete with our favourite winter Christmas pics and gifs that we’ve found across the world wide web …our first installation the beautiful village snow as seen here 🙂

As well, we’ve been working super hard to bring you a smoother and gentler web experience. We hope you like it; feel free to put some feedback our way – we’re always open to a better website visit. Safe shopping everyone and we’ll update you in a couple of days!

Team Reluctant Chef