Canada vs. Belgium: The Battle of Beer and Cuisine

January 18th Only: Dinner and Beer Pairing View the Menu

If you thought great food paired well with wine only, think again! The Reluctant Chef’s Sommelier Scott Cowan and Chef Jeremiah Stafford have teamed-up to create the Ultimate BEER and FOOD Pairing Menu that will lift your tongue right out of its cradle!

Four glasses of beer lined up - cold and ready to drink!

The Canadian Flag

On January18th we’re super excited to offer you the ultimate food and beer event when Canada faces-off against Belgium with this 5-course meal and beer pairing!

The Belgium Flag

Okay, so you’re probably laughing right about now – Canada going up against mighty Belgium on beer and food –  the Belgian beer-brewing tradition steeped in history for the last 1000 years, not to mention the dominant influence of European cuisine! You’re probably saying, “That’s like pitting Australia against Canada for Olympic hockey gold!”


Hold on! Not so fast! Something very interesting has happened in the world of beer and food. Craft breweries, local home grown ingredients, and a knowledgeable staff second to none have come together to show you why we CAN compete against the world’s best! And while this is not really a competition, as such, we’ve worked extremely hard to present a variety of awesome beer and delicate cuisine from two GREAT countries on opposite sides of the Atlantic – Belgium and Canada – that will leave you saying, “Please sir, more!”

Book a reservation for January18th and enjoy an evening of great beer, great food, and great fun!

Take a look at our special menu and see for yourself the fantastic dishes and fine craft beer that we’re offering for one evening only. Book early, space is limited!

Team Reluctant Chef